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Mark I Chamberlain: Travel and fine-art landscape photographer focused on Southeast Asia and Australasia

Mark I. Chamberlain Photography
Travel and Fine-art Landscape Photographer with a focus on Southeast Asia and Australasia
Mark I. Chamberlain

Hello, welcome to my travelogue and blog-site

My name is Mark Chamberlain. I am a travel and fine-art landscape photographer.  I have spent over twenty five years living a nomadic life across Southeast Asia and Australasia working for energy companies whilst also dedicating time to photography projects. Originally an exploration geologist, after  gaining university degrees in Earth Sciences in the UK, I found myself unexpectedly dropped by helicopter into the rugged mountains and rain-forests of eastern Indonesia on my first company assignment. I never really returned home after this initial culture-shock and  I’ve subsequently lived and worked extensively in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand together with other global travels.

Cameras have always accompanied me on my travels, beginning with manual film cameras, eventually transitioning to digital and now shooting on full-frame high resolution DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras. Post-processing digital workflows in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are a necessary and essential part of all my photographic projects.

A natural curiosity of beautiful landscapes, the environment and working and living with people and cultures of Southeast Asia is the catalyst and motivation for my continued growth in photography. Because of this current and historical geographic association, there is naturally a strong South Asia bias to my travel and reportage photography projects. The objective is to tell human stories from transient cultures, religions and lifestyles in this ever-changing and dynamic region of the world. In contrast, my landscape images are more globally diverse detailing the natural environment, utilizing changing natural light conditions whilst maintaining a strong sense of place within the photographs.

I am ably assisted by my artistic wife, Kanchana (Took), a teacher and photographer from southern Thailand.


Please feel free to read my blog posts and browse my portfolio site.